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Re: createrepo/rpm-metadata repository format creator ver 0.3.4

> I can't seem to really figure out your answer, so I guess I'll just make
> some testing on the behavior ;-) I've started relying heavily on groups for
> a very simple task : "yum groupinstall Base Core" pulls in all the packages
> added to the base system that are missing after a "yum upgrade" from a
> distribution to another. Think selinux policy files, acl stuff etc. _very_
> convenient, I find.

maybe I misunderstood the question.

my answer should go like this:

the groups file as specified by the createrepo option can (more or less)
be in any format, but for purposes of fedora/rhel I think it would  be
best to be in comps.xml/yumgroup.xml format. Until a standard for
groups/component specifications can be decided upon, the comps.xml
format is reasonable.

to add groups to a rpm-metadata repository simply do:

createrepo -g /path/to/comps.xml /path/to/repo

then in /path/to/repo/repodata/  you'll find comps.xml copied there and
your repomd.xml will have that information as well.

yum will look for this in groups and merge multiple groups together
across repositories.


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