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Re: PROPOSAL: Core size reduction "bug day"

On fre, 2004-07-23 at 22:25 -1000, Warren Togami wrote: 
> >>So far people have express a desire to move:
> >>KDE
> > 
> > 
> > I still think that moving KDE away from core is a Bad Idea. I have
> > always preferred KDE over GNOME, as many other people do.
> Know that there may also be benefits to moving KDE to Extras.
> * Red Hat does not emphasize enigneering work on KDE.  Most of the RH 
> desktop team works mainly on GNOME.
> * As a result our KDE is always not as good as it could be.
> * Community members care about KDE.
> * Thus community members would do a better job of providing a more 
> polished KDE experience in Fedora.

There is already a KDE-on-Red Hat/Fedora community project, as we all
know. It would be ideal for that packager- and userbase to maintain KDE
for FE.

The only problem as I see it, is that the current KDE-on-Red Hat/Fedora
project builds a version of KDE that incorporates patented technologies,
such as mpeg playback (xine-lib, lame etc). Hopefully it's possible to
split those parts out in separate packages and throw into Fedora Free
World (aka livna).

Rex, what do you say?

> However even entertaining this idea, we have several large challenges:
> * Currently we have no way of pulling in Extras into the installer. 
> This would probably be an absolute requirement before this could happen.
> * The Extras KDE maintainer(s) would need to be at both a very high 
> technical and trust level to make sure it does not stray on the whims of 
> 50 less experienced people who will undoubtedly submit less than ideal 
> changes.
> * Changes to KDE must be done without compromising the Fedora/RH way of 
> doing things.  This would mean tight communication/collaboration with 
> the RH desktop team.
> Warren Togami
> wtogami redhat com

Peter Backlund <peter backlund home se>

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