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Re: PROPOSAL: Core size reduction "bug day"

David Nielsen wrote:
However even entertaining this idea, we have several large challenges:
* Currently we have no way of pulling in Extras into the installer. This would probably be an absolute requirement before this could happen.
* The Extras KDE maintainer(s) would need to be at both a very high technical and trust level to make sure it does not stray on the whims of 50 less experienced people who will undoubtedly submit less than ideal changes.
* Changes to KDE must be done without compromising the Fedora/RH way of doing things. This would mean tight communication/collaboration with the RH desktop team.

Couldn't we consider talking to the kde on redhat people, they seem to
have a handle on things when it comes to catering to the KDE users, we
want them to have as optimal a package as possible, weither in Core or
in Extras depending on the decision.

I have some serious concerns about the quality of work coming out of the kde-redhat group due to some past mistakes they have made. Are there any actual KDE developers there?


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