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Re: PROPOSAL: Core redefinition

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On Saturday 24 July 2004 09:25, Warren Togami wrote:
> Felipe Alfaro Solana wrote:

> > I still think that moving KDE away from core is a Bad Idea. I have
> > always preferred KDE over GNOME, as many other people do.

For what my Joe Q Random opinion is worth here, I agree with Felipe. 

> Know that there may also be benefits to moving KDE to Extras.
> * Red Hat does not emphasize enigneering work on KDE.  Most of the RH
> desktop team works mainly on GNOME.
> * As a result our KDE is always not as good as it could be.

Why not fix that by making a better KDE and giving Than some more support.  Is 
it "Not Invented Here?".

> * Changes to KDE must be done without compromising the Fedora/RH way of
> doing things.  This would mean tight communication/collaboration with
> the RH desktop team.

To me this sounds an aggressive way from Redhat.

Here's a constructive suggestion.

Redefine "Core" to mean a true minimal install.  I have a remote dedicated 
server that is running Fedora (fantasically) for example, that scenario is a 
great candidate for being "Core".  No Xorg, try to shrivel package 
interdependencies to a much better minimum set.

Then stick Xorg and everything else needed for a great desktop in "extras".  
Gnome and KDE are equal citizens then.  Nobdoy can complain $DE is loved and 
the other is a stepchild.

All the extra packages are installed by yum or equivalent once Core is 
installed and running, as a normal action.  Packages installed should be the 
latest available from repos available, not the ones on install media, just 
like a real user using yum update.  Nothing to stop Anaconda allowing package 
selection at the start of the install and automating the install action on 
the first reboot.

- -Andy

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