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Self introduction Hans de Goede (this time with GPG key)


First the boring stuff:
J.W.R. de Goede
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

I work as an electronics and computerscience teacher for a dutch university (www.hhs.nl)

For starters I would like to just build some packages and get them added to fedora.us:
-I currently have a svgalib (stable version) src rpm sitting on my hd ready for submission.
-I'm also interested in building a rxvt-unicode rpm and a yodl rpm since rxvt-unicode needs yodl to generate its manpages, see: https://bugzilla.fedora.us/show_bug.cgi?id=1901
I haven't got a response from Andreas yett if he is going todo it, if he's not I very likely will.
-I have plans todo packaging for the following, this might never leave the plans stadium though:
*emulators for example: xmame, snes9x, genesis-sdl, ....
*I would like to see a free java development environment, like debian has with free-jdk, so this would mean packaging sablevm, classpath-tools and a package with wrappers to make it all behave like the real JDK. So this would be a true virtualmachine based java environment. A bit quiestion is how this would mix and match with gcc-java.

Besides the packaging I'm interested in:
-making fedora work better on older hardware, without sacreficing features for new hardware, so intergrating older hardware support into the core, not creating a seperate distro for older hardware.
-textmode (and xterm and friends) keyboard mapping also know as home/end/del hel. Just search for bugs submitted by j w r degoede hhs nl
in RH bugzilla.
-thinclient technologies and diskless clients such as root-over-nfs
-getting rid of small anoyances (the mozzila startup notification in gnome for example)

Historical qualifications:
-I've started using linux in 1996 and I've been a RedHat user ever
 since, currently my home computer doesn't have anything but Linux
 installed, and even at work I work mostly under Linux.
-my first programming project was continuing the DOS port of VGB
 (gameboy emulator) and backporting the improvements to the unix
-Professionally I've done lotts of embedded projects with Linux,
 including Realtime data-aquisition using rtlinux.
-my biggest hobby project sofar has been maintaining and extending
 the unix port of mame, xmame. I've stopped doing this due to computer
 use related health problems, which I hope to have left behind me now.
-I've written a couple of small howto's on root over NFS and textmode
 keybinding hell. Which are now pretty obsolete.
-I've been a RedHat Beta Team member doing testing on the pre public
 beta's for RedHat for a couple of years, during that period I've been
 offered an QA job at RedHat.

Computer languages and other skills:
-I know my way around computers and esp. Linux pretty well
-I'm not Alan Cox, but I believe I can write pretty decent code.
-I know the following languages:
*C       (very well)
*C++     (well)
*Java    (well)
*bash    (good enough)
*python  (done some coding in the past)
*php     (done some coding in the past)

Why should you trust me?
-When it comes to trust I know 2 sorts of people, people who start a new relation ship with a certain amount of trust and adjust this as the relation continues, and people who start with a certain amount of distrust.
-I'm somebody who likes to start with a certain amount of trust and start not trusting people if the behave in a way which makes me distrust them. I hope I will receive the trust I'm willing to show.

GPG KEYID and fingerprint
-Okay this GPG stuff is new to me (remember, I'm the trusting type), so I hope I get this right, well I didn't the first try since I hit the send button too soon, duh:
[hans shalem hans]$ gpg --fingerprint "Hans de Goede"
gpg: WARNING: using insecure memory!
gpg: please see http://www.gnupg.org/faq.html for more information
pub 1024D/DE6CDFEF 2004-07-25 Hans de Goede <j w r degoede hhs nl>
Key fingerprint = F99D 63F7 D42E FF2A 6430 63FE E3B2 80DE DE6C DFEF
sub 1024g/D2DC2F2A 2004-07-25




Since I haven't been active in the computerworld for some time I currently don't have a personal website, can someone help me with some webspace where I can upload the src.rpm's for the packages I build?

-- EuropeSwPatentFree http://EuropeSwPatentFree.hispalinux.es

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