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Re: PROPOSAL: Core size reduction "bug day"

On Mon, 2004-07-26 at 06:16, Michael Tiemann wrote:
> Toshio,
> Perhaps you could read the strawman document that I sent to this list
> last week.   I proposed many answers to the questions you raised. 
> Whether or not they are the right answers needs to be discussed, but
> until we start criticizing a common framework, we'll all keep
> reinventing the wheel.
I've read it now.  Sorry for having only skimmed it earlier.  If I can
think of anything constructive beyond what others have said I'll reply
to the repost, otherwise I'll wait for draft 0.2 :-)

The main difficulty with your strawman is it doesn't have answers.  It
has alternatives.  As such, it may be that my post is a supplement to
it.  I have the questions and concerns.  You have a proposal for a
framework to address them.  But the questions need to have definitive
answers in order to proceed to questions that keep popping up on the
list like "Can we trim Core down to two CDs and throw the rest into

Otherwise we're stuck prefacing everything with "If Michael Tiemann's
proposal is accepted, then I would support/not support that because...."

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