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Re: IDEA: Shortening boot-time

Alan Cox wrote:
On Fri, Jul 23, 2004 at 08:21:05AM +0200, Hans de Goede wrote:

-usb (including the sleep call, GRRR) is moved from rc.sysinit to a service, which starts before networking, but after prefdm-early.

I've taken the keyboard/mouse situation into account, usb will only be loaded later if there are a valid mouse and keyboard.

The kudzu argument however ss a good one. I was actually planning to do new HW probing in 2 scans:
-first quick scan:
-keyb and mouse available
-graphics card not changed
-later scan (after loading usb)
-check everything.

One interesting part about this discussion is the statement someone made that in a few years we will all have usb keyboards and mouses, this has been said a few years ago too, but currently all standard systems are still shipped with ps2 keyb and mouse afaik.

A better fix to the whole usb thing however would be for the kernel usb system to be able to tell userland that the initial usb enumeration is done and use this completion signal instead of the ridiculous sleep. Alan is this possible?



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