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Re: IDEA: Shortening boot-time

Alan Cox wrote:
A better fix to the whole usb thing however would be for the kernel usb system to be able to tell userland that the initial usb enumeration is done and use this completion signal instead of the ridiculous sleep. Alan is this possible?

You can run the entire usb setup asynchronously if you want (the sleep
included). There are certain things the kernel does partially serialize
like scsi enumerators that limit parallelising but I don't see any in USB

The sleep is to make sure the enumeration has completed because the rest of rc.sysinit might need usb devices, like keyb for fsck, or an usb attached storage device for fsck and mount, etc.

Because of these dependencies parralellisation really isn't any help. Getting a signal that the kernel has completed its initial scan of all the usb busses however would be a bug help, because I believe the current sleep 5 is much longer then is needed on most systems.



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