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Re: IDEA: Shortening boot-time

On lun, 2004-07-26 at 19:59 +0200, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Alan Cox wrote:

> One interesting part about this discussion is the statement someone made 
> that in a few years we will all have usb keyboards and mouses, this has 
> been said a few years ago too, but currently all standard systems are 
> still shipped with ps2 keyb and mouse afaik.

ps/2 assumptions are hardcoded in an awful lot of dos/bios utilities.
full USB input is an hard sell (I should know, I have had one for more
than a year and it's not always been an easy ride). And wireless
keyboards removed a lot of the arguments against PS/2.

OTOH USB connectors are actually superior to PS/2 ones (as rack builders
are slowly discovering) and it'll take only a few first-tier systems to
force people to fix their hardware. Once it's done, PS/2 keyboards will
go the way of the PS/2 mouse quickly. Who even thinks about buying a
PS/2 mouse nowadays ?


Nicolas Mailhot

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