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Re: A request for more agressive updates to FC

Steve Brenneis wrote:

Could you expand on what you mean by GNOME in FC2 SMB being totally
broken? Symptoms, etc.? I'm interested because that is my impression as
well. I haven't posted much about that here (avoiding troll branding),
but I would like to know what you are encountering. Maybe we can fix
some of them together.

Some of the issues I have with GNOME seem to have been there in FC1 as

Just curious. Thanks.

In FC1 the smb support in nautilus actually worked quite well for me, at least at home (one Windows XP, one FC1 and one Red Hat 8.0). At work it could never browse the network, it always complained about the master browser (but I could access shares by address) which I could never quite debug since the network is filled with w2k, w98, w2k3 and samba shares and my machine is connected to two different networks... (this doesn't speak well for smb support in nautilus, but it was kind of experimental back then anyway...).

In FC2 the network browser shows nothing, and if I use the machine name directly I'm asked for a password even for completely public shares (eg. on the RedHat 8.0 machine). If I'm lucky I can use the share after this, but more often than not nautilus just crashes.
The samba tools seem to work fine however.

There are a couple of bugs filed about these problems, both to Red Hat's and GNOME's bugzilla:


Carlos Rodrigues

PS: actually I wasn't quite fair when bringing this problem up in the context of my last post because it isn't fixed upstream yet. However I think is just the kind of problem that gets "FIXED RAWHIDE" instead of "FIXED ERRATA" when upstream does fix it.

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