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problem with all fedora2 update kernels, scsi, & usb

I am having an ongoing problem with all of the fedora update kernels and have run out of ideas to try. The original fedora 2 kernel (2.6.5- 1.358) runs fine. However, ANY update kernel or the 2.6.7 which I downloaded and built exhibit the same behavior.

On my systems (essentially identical except for scsi controller)
[gigabyte ga7nnxp, adaptec 29160 or adaptec 2940uw, 1gb memory, root on
hdc], the scsi drives are detected at boot, but as soon as the usb
modules are loaded, the system cannot find /dev/sda1, /dev/sdb1, etc.
and after a timeout I get thrown into the "enter root passwd to do fsck
and fix the system" routine.

If I disable usb altogether on the MB I can boot any of the kernels.
If I remove the two lines

	alias usb-controller ehci-hcd
	alias usb-controller1 ohci-hcd

from /etc/modprobe.conf and append them to /etc/modules.conf, the
systems appear to boot successfully; HOWEVER, any attempt at something
	ls -l /<scsi partition fs>

causes a scsi bus reset; multiple such attempts have caused kernel
panics.  Also rmmod'ing the usb modules *can* hang the system as can an
attempt to remove and reload the aic7xxx module.

The systems (there are actually 4 of them) previously ran rh9 and
fedora1 without any problem;  also they can run the original fedora2
kernel with no problem.

Running without usb on these boxen is not an option.  ANY suggestions
would be greatly appreciated as I have about run out of ideas on this
one. (I need to update the kernel to kill a sound bug which does not
occur after the original kernel).

Thanks in advance,

William W. Austin 			   waustin speakeasy net
"Life is just a phase I'm going through... this time, anyway..."

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