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Re: Thunderbird vs Evolution

On Tue, 2004-07-27 at 11:12 -0600, Stephen J Smoogen wrote:
> Well I know this is probably noise, but I got tired of 20 second lockups
> on my laptop while RHEL-3 version of evolution would do various lookups
> of folders and such. I decided to try something different and got the
> thunderbird from fedora.us and recompiled it (just in case). After
> getting my email back on the server, and building all my filters back..
> I havent really looked back at evolution. Thunderbird does not have all
> the gizmos but it doesnt seem to freeze the entire system with I/O.
> Having it look more like firefox also gives a cleaner desktop look. So
> if there is ever a debate about which graphical mail client.. I like
> thunderbird (and I really really like Enigmail).

There are three things that lack in Thunderbird for me (and I have used
it in the past extensively).

1. Identities: if you want to add identities, there is no GUI to do
that, you have to manually modify the prefs.js list in some very un-
obvious ways. For someone who has to post things as admin@ and help@,
this is important.
2. VFolders: you get hooked on that stuff. Using filters to stick stuff
in actual folders isn't the same thing, especially if you periodically
have to use other clients. Just having saved searches would help.
3. Have a way to issue a command to load remote images. Currently you
can only turn it on or off.

There is one other thing which is a little bizarre for me. My little
router that I use has that stupid NAT timeout, so I compensate for it by
setting my TCP keepalive time to 5 minutes. However, even with that
setting my imap connections in thunderbird keep timing out: it's almost
like it overrides the low-level tcp settings. I had to actually set the
imap connection keepalive to 5 minutes in prefs.js in order to be able
to still use it. It's bizarre.

I like Thunderbird, but there are things in Evolution that are just
better suited for some people.

Konstantin Ryabitsev
Duke University Physics

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