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Re: A request for more agressive updates to FC

On Tue, Jul 27, 2004 at 12:11:25PM -0500, Michael Favia wrote:
> I would love to see some of your suggestions implemented. I was thinking 
> the same thing just yesterday. I dont know if it would ease or trouble 
> the developent of the next FC but i like the idea of a distribution that 
> incorporates the newer "addon" packages and stabalizes the core desktop 
> environment (a sane technology testing platform if you will). I thought 
> this was the charter of FC to begin with. Is it simply too time 
> consuming to do this from redhats end (completely understandable if so)?

That's my understanding on where we want to go and I hope we make good
progress with this. FC1 has been very solid in my opinion. FC2 has kind
of rough corners with the big step to a 2.6 kernel and the starting point
to update many user level rpms plus really adding into a solid desktop.
Current FC3 looks nice to me, but I might be the wrong person to ask this.
(I tend to like all development trees.;-)

For your above comments: I'd wish system-config-packages plus some other
tools would be more connected and working better together. I am not
sure all that can be cleaned up within FC3 development timeframe. It's
a huge area to work on. The new repository support just going into
the Fedora development tree are again bits of this.


Florian La Roche

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