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Re: linux registry (no, not that again!)

Dan, I wish more people would take the time to read the material before 
blasting it based on assumptions. OTOH, it might be a fatal mistake to have 
the project called 'Linux Registry'.

I was sceptical when I started reading, but got converted. I actually like the 

On Tuesday 27 July 2004 12:18, Dan Williams wrote:
> Not that I'm advocating it (I'm don't care one way or the other), but
> most Linux people dislike the windows registry for reasons this project
> would fix:
> - All key-value pairs are stored in clear-text files. (Windows uses
> binary files(?))  (Next question, how about nested values...
> - It is designed to be easy to administrate with regular command line
> tools like cat, vi, cp, ls, ln. Its storage is 100% open. (this is also
> a common argument against Windows Registry by anti-registry folk)
> Anybody can abuse a flat text file config system too, just as much as
> the Windows Registry becomes a horrible mess.

Remco Treffkorn (RT445)
remco rvt com   (831) 685-1201

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