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Re: linux registry (no, not that again!)

On Tue, 27 Jul 2004 15:18:31 -0400, Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:
> Not that I'm advocating it (I'm don't care one way or the other), but

Let's say someone was to advocate its usage, is it really all that
useful to advocate it
at the distribution level?  Reading the webpage there is lots and lots
of talk about sysadmins having problems adapting across distributions
or across configurations of different projects. Having the change in
Fedora instead of upstream doesn't seem to make a lot of sense as a
solution to the problems being addressed.

Looking at all the examples on the webpage, id saying making those
changes at the distribution level is dangerous and adds tons of
maintainership burden. This needs to be advocated upstream if this is
going to be useful. At most, the this api can be contrasted with the
current sysconfig approach for the distribution specific initscript
stuff, but there is no way this is an appropriate approach for general
usage (even if its technically better) unless upstream maintainers for
projects agree to use it.  Like the webpage says, the trick isnt so
much the technology but that people have to agree to use this. If
upstream projects don't agree to use it, then then implementing it at
the distribution level is going to just add that much more confusion.

-jef"the phrase 'cat herding' comes to mind when i think about trying
to get people to agree to use any configuration api"spaleta

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