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Re: linux registry (no, not that again!)

>> Yes, here's the linux registry topic again.  This project looks
>> interesting. Any comments?


> I do not pretend to convice everybody to move to quattor, what I want to
> say is that we need a much powerful approach that this simple Linux
> Registry.

Apple also has a configuration system that might be worth looking at for
inspiration.  If I remember right, Mac OS X contains a system that allows
different backends (local files, network, etc.).  In our case we would
probably want a manually editable backend by default.

Also, as mentioned by someone else before, GConf has some interesting
capabilities.  As I understand, GConf also promised eventual multiple
backends.  One of the neat things about GConf is that applications do not
need to be restarted to read configuration changes (no manual kill -HUP). 
This might be a nice feature for a future configuration system. 
Unfortunately, I don't think this is the case if the configuration XML
files are edited by hand.

Speaking about GConf, if a new system-wide configuration system were
developed that contained an equal- or super-set of GConf's features then
it could replace GConf in GNOME and be adopted by KDE, etc.  That would be
a nice side affect of a well engineered system.


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