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Re: linux registry (no, not that again!)

I hope everyone can agree that the etc situation is coming to a head. And that we would benefit from a "uniform configuration format" (UCF) to ease the development of new GUI based configuration tools and simplify and standardize the format of existing file formats. Currently you can't manually edit most of these files if you use a GUI editor because of its inability to parse these documents lucidly (and understandably so). I suggest the development and optional adoption of a service that writes and stores these configuration files and manages the etc in an automated and lucid fashion. The xml based schema will allow hand editing of the xml files at any time but will most likely require a manual reread of thechanges after hand editing (acceptable because of the advanced operation of hand editing). Such a system of management can and should provide a distribution and desktop environment independent method of managing ALL configuration information (system-wide (etc) and userlevel (~/)).

If there is sincere interest i will be happy to compose a first draft or scour the web for a jumping off point and adapt it to our specifications. I will slap up a wiki and we can collectively develop the standards over the next few weeks. I think that such a development will single handedly improve the ease of development and usability of linux on the desktop and in the data center. This isnt an overly complicated initiative and from what i can tell and its necessity and improvements will far outweigh the development effort.

I am proposing the development of a document that sets out a distribution and desktop indepentent standardized method of system-wide and user based configueration information storage including the location of the files and the format of their contents.

Best Wishes,
Michael Favia
Insites Incorporated

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