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Re: linux registry (no, not that again!)

On Wed, 2004-07-28 at 16:52 +0100, Jonathan Andrews wrote:
> > 
> > Ow. Why would you want that in the kernel?
> 1) Everything more than "Hello world" needs to store some configuration,
> so doesn't that make it a requirement of most applications hence a lot
> of processes within the application.

That's not a valid reason to put it into the kernel.

> 2) By putting a simple quick and understandable system in the kernel its
> more likely to be adopted.

False.. You could put it up onto glibc as well.
> 3) Present in the kernel = No dependency on external libs, making it
> more likely to be adopted.

That's not a valid reason. Enlarging the kernel with userspace features
is kind of useless.

> 4) Kernel = common API - if people would only need another API if the
> configuration need was more complex than the base line, and  mostly it
> is not.

Again, false. There are good APIs out there which are not implemented in
kernelspace, like X11, glibc, gtk, etc.

> 5) Why not show some leadership instead of just cloning Unix/Posix - "As
> little as possible" need not be that same as "Not enough to be complete"

Because leadership doesn't allow one to start screwing a working system.

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