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Re: linux registry (no, not that again!)

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004 11:23:36 -0500, Michael Favia
<garbage insitesinc com> wrote:
> Recap:
> I am proposing the development of a document that sets out a
> distribution and desktop indepentent standardized method of system-wide
> and user based configueration information storage including the location
> of the files and the format of their contents.

Did you even read the registy.sf.net website that started this thread?
what you are proposing is.. duplication of the effort at that website.
Do we really need yet another independant method created and
discussed, but which major projects have no interest in actually
using? If you see a technical problem with registry.sf.net's api then
go talk to them about it and get you problem addressed.

The problem is not the existence of a potential independant standard
to replace how configuration is stored on disk. The problem is getting
the major indpendent projects ( not the people building the
distribution who have to stick all this crap together)  to agree to
use the same configuration format. Get apache and sendmail/postfix and
bind and mozilla and gnome and kde etc etc etc etc to commit to
finding a common configuration format to save information into. Do
that first. Don't go off and try to create yet another techincally
great idea in a vacuum that no major project is invested and committed
in trying to use.

Get projects upstream looking at registry.sf.net and playing with
registy.sf.net as a common implementation. If through experimentatal
implementation by upstream problems register.sf.net has technical
issues that require rework of the api there, then so be it. Creating
yet another scheme and attempt that tries to be technical perfect
before its even looked at by the major projects is just a waste of
your time.


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