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Re: i686 build of Fedora Core

Alan Cox wrote:

All the core packages are built i686 optimised.

i see only kernel, glibc and openssl

We just build them to be 686 optimised without using the tiny number of 486 and higher instructions
relevant to user space. That gives takes us within fractions of a %age
point of pure 686 optimisation and doesn't break compatibility for the
many non i686 systems running Fedora

sure, but the system spends a lot of cpu time in user space when used as
desktop, operations on strings, floating point operations and arithmetic
in general, java virtual machine, image processing, video playback,
sound processing and all other programs demanding a lot of cpu
frequently (xfree, gnome just to say the first two i've thougth). All
the instructions you've stripped out could boost performance on the
system really a lot!

Just think about mirror the fedora core release in two *identical to
compile*  archs in two different, this change is trasparent for all the
old system running fedora and will make really the difference.


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