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Re: i686 build of Fedora Core

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, Angelo wrote:

> sure, but the system spends a lot of cpu time in user space when used as
> desktop, operations on strings, floating point operations and arithmetic
> in general, java virtual machine, image processing, video playback,
> sound processing and all other programs demanding a lot of cpu
> frequently (xfree, gnome just to say the first two i've thougth). All
> the instructions you've stripped out could boost performance on the
> system really a lot!

Image/video/sound processing have to be hand-coded if they want to use
MMX, so changing compiler flags won't help there. The other examples you
gave, well, there are no additional instructions that will benefit them.

If you don't believe us, run some benchmarks :-)
-- Elliot
The daring is in the doing


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