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Re: i686 build of Fedora Core


I believe your confusion is stemming from a misunderstanding of the
-march and -mcpu flags to GCC.  They seem similar, but perform different
tasks.  -mcpu specifies which architecture the compiler should optimize
for.  This essentially changes the order of certain instructions such
that the specified architecture will benefit.  This is supposedly set to
i686 in fedora core.  -march specifies which architecture's instructions
should be used.  Setting this to i686 will bring in the new i686
instructions that Alan has already stated don't really make much
difference (and in some cases slow things down).  This is left at i386
for the majority of fedora core (as it won't make much difference) and
is only set to i686 for the kernel, glibc, etc. where it helps.

--Mark Drago

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