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Re: linux registry (no, not that again!)

Neal D. Becker wrote:
Yes, here's the linux registry topic again. This project looks interesting. Any comments?


Wouldn't a cleanup of /etc be a nice start. This could be don quite simply by grouping together relevant configuration files, such as network related configs in on directory (possible with subdirectories):


For instance, what now is commonly in /etc/httpd should be placed in /etc/server/httpd, /etc/resolv.conf in /etc/network, I hope you get the idea...

I don't tink that anyone should be forced into using this scheme, but if a newly installed Fedora has all the configuration files tugged nicely in relevant folders, people might follow it...

And I think this scheme isn't as difficult to implement, as the Grand Unified Registry would be, as many programs let you define the placement of the config file, when they are buildt...

My 25cents

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