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Re: IDEA: Shortening boot-time

seth vidal wrote:

No, Nfs mounted (or afs, for that matter) dirs could be simply be
automounted. You'd have to know:

1. where the user's homedir is (which, of course, we do)


2. follow that path out to figure out what controls it: afs, autofs,
nfs, cifs, etc.

How difficult is this and long does this take?

3. determine what to do in that case.

Load all relevant network and other required stuff if requires (stack like queue). Hell make it load all of them if it detects anyof them if that simplifies the backend.

People like me get speed benefit people with nfs suffer time delay as deserved for utilizing network based setups. Seems simple enough to me. No one need to reply but i really like the idea of a dependency based invocation. It just makes sense as the most elegant solution. But perhaps i am mistaken. Maybe someday there will be one engine that solves deps quickly and powers both my bootup and my invocation of yum and rpm :).


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