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modern VoIP client

The VoIP client traditionally included with Fedora is GnomeMeeting. It's
a fine application and it works pretty well. However, it is based on
H.323, which is the old VoIP protocol that's being less used these days.

There's a trend nowadays to start new VoIP deployments using SIP instead
of H.323, or even, in some cases, migrating existing implementations to
Modern VoIP PBX implementations, proprietary or open source, tend to
support SIP out of the box, with H.323 often as an afterthought. See

It is probably worth keeping GnomeMeeting around, since it proved itself
as a reliable tool, but perhaps it is time to keep up with the evolution
of the technology and offer a SIP client with Fedora. I suggest


Despite what the homepage makes you believe, it seems to also support
video, not just audio (but i didn't verify that myself):


Florin Andrei


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