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Re: tuxracer & chromium move to Extras

Warren Togami wrote :

> Would anyone object to tuxracer and chromium moving to Extras in FC3? 

Very few people I think would object. They are both not actively
maintained, and although very nice graphically, they're quite limited and
can't beat any kind of breakout or even mine sweeper game when it comes to
the amount of time that can potentially get waisted ;-)

> If someone is concerned about FC having at least one good test program 
> for accelerated 3D video, we could possibly include something a lot more 
> fun and new than tuxracer or chromium.

Like neverball? It's fun, original, has much more variety... but it's quite
big (10MB+), so in these times of "let's try to remove stuff from Core", it
may not be very welcome.

Anyway, I'm all for the move of both games... but... only when Extras is
officially launched would be best, as the currently blurry situation
confuses way too much.


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