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Hello everybody!

I'm waiting for a Fedora Release which supports my SATA RAID set. I'm
wondering if FC3 is what i'm waiting for...

I have the ASUS A7N8Deluxe with the Silicon Image Sil 3112A-Controller with
and RAID 0/1-support in the _BIOS_. That means: I have a config tool in the
BIOS and there i can merge my 2 SATA Disks to one big (striped RAID 0).
After doing this, for the OS it looks as if i have one big, fast disk. With
the drivers SiI supports for WinXP and RH9 (

 ) u can use this one big, fast virtual disk.

You may ask why i don't want to use SW RAID. I have installed windowsXP (4
gaming) and want to use the free space after the XP partition 4 Linux.
Therefore i have to use a Linux which can see the big virtual disk the BIOS
displays, like with the driver from SiI. At the moment this is RH9, but RH9
is old... i want to use Fedora.

Now i googled for hours and searched the fedora mailing list archives and
can't find a webpage which informs me of the current state of the linux
kernel driver and the support in fedora respectively the fedora installer

==> Does such a webpage exist? / Where can i keep myselfe informed?

==> has anaconda integrated dmraid or raiddetect support in FC3? / When will
Fedora support BIOS RAID arrays?


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