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The hard problems with Collections: (Was: tuxracer & chromium move to Extras_

On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 10:36:23 -0400, Michael Tiemann <tiemann redhat com> wrote:
> My strawman proposal does this.  Core and Extras are just two points on
> the continuum.

The real trick to a continuum of collections are:
1)making sure the install media sets for the collection continuum
(hereby called the C continuum) gets appropriate testing.
...raise your hand if you honestly think having more install media
sets besides just Core isn't going to reveal more packaging and
installer problems.  And it only gets worse if you allow the use of an
alternative installer for targets where anaconda doesn't make sense
(ie low end hardware targets where rule makes a lot of sense as an
2)A way to ask the system for information about which continuum member
media set was used to do the last install/upgrade to reduce the effort
required to confirm and track down reported problems and prevent even
more bugzilla pollution.  Related to (1).

3)making sure that the C continuum install media sets ALL come with
tools that understand how to use Core and Extras to get updates AND
additional software, not just from the internet but also from media.
If Core+Extras makes up the full range of packages and the other media
sets in the continuum are just different mixes of all the things that
are available in the Fedora repos, making sure vendors/lugs can
continue to offer additional software media sets(not necessarily
bootable media) has to be a requirement.


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