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Re[2]: A Mature Professional KDE Linux Firewall Is Released!

Doncho Gunchev,

Thanks for your comments!

In fact, XFwall was last compiled about a year ago in RH 7.3.

XFwall is a front end to Fwall ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/fwall ), Newt interface, statically linked firewall script manager, which should run without any problems.

You are right. XFwall needs updates. 

The software was delivered "as-is" because I:

1) have been running it with RH 9.0 without problems
2) am short of time
3) decided to release it under GNU/GPL without taking any longer

Based on your comments, I will install FC and proceed with the updates.

Again, thanks for your evaluation!

StarLink Conectividade Ltda.

>De:"Doncho N. Gunchev" <mr700 globalnet bg>
>Para:fedora-devel-list redhat com
>Assunto:Re: A Mature Professional KDE Linux Firewall Is Released!
>On 2004-07-27 (Tuesday) 22:19, La-Roque wrote:
>> Hi, Folks!
>> Maybe Suse team will find XFwall of interest. 
>> It is a serious and well tested KDE firewall
>configuration tool released under GNU/GPL.
>> Best Regards,
>> La-Roque
>> StarLink Conectividade Ltda
>> 5591 9963-2473
>    It showed no toolbars and icons at all with
>FC1 and stops actual iptables
>rules at install (which is not good at all). I
>see it was tested with RH9, but
>we will have FC3 soon, it includes cbq.init
>version 0.3.something, while FC1
>has 0.7.1 in shapecfg package (which makes it
>conflict with it). Screenshots
>look good, functionality too (I did not test
>it), but I think it needs serious
>    For me, http://www.fwbuilder.org/ is better
>choice for now.
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