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Re: tuxracer & chromium move to Extras

Well, i found myself some days ago, thinking "...fedora is increasing the packages, from time to time someone, ask's for a new software to be included., but where this will lead too. 2 DVD's??"
And my conclusion, is that some must go out, and i thinked in the games.
There must be a "clean up" in the games list. To free some space, needed for the essencial packages..
So i agreed with your proposal, and some more games could be included also.


Warren Togami wrote:

Would anyone object to tuxracer and chromium moving to Extras in FC3? They really haven't changed much in a long time, and how USEFUL is it, how often is it used? They do not improve constantly like all the other software we ship.

I think we should save the space in core, and instead make a nice web page with screenshots, and say "Use Extras and try these games." A "Fedora Gaming" website may be a fun and easy project for volunteers to do.

tuxracer & chromium package owner than redhat com agrees with this idea.

If someone is concerned about FC having at least one good test program for accelerated 3D video, we could possibly include something a lot more fun and new than tuxracer or chromium.

Your thoughts?

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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