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Re: Nitpicking updates/testing

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 16:07:41 +0100, Carlos Rodrigues
<carlos efr mail telepac pt> wrote:

Aren't packages in updates/testing supposed to be moved to updates?
Right now there are some packages there that have long been available in
updates (xorg-x11 for instance).

some packages... sure
some packages... not so sure
it depends on what the individual package maintainer's intent for
releasing the test package is.
it depends on the problems being reported about the test package, and
the grey line concerning if new problems being reported against the
test package are worth inflicting on users of the current packages.

I'm aware of this. What I was saying is that are packages that go into updates but aren't removed from testing. The nitpick was about those "old" packages.


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