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Re: i686 build of Fedora Core

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004 15:08:16 -0500
David T Farning <dfarning sbcglobal net> wrote:

> > >So they run on i386 and are .i386.rpm but i686 optimised. The packages in
> > >.i686 form are packages containing functionality that won't run on i386
> > >and are carefully chosen because it matters in those packages alone that
> > >i686 instructions can be used.
> > >
> > Sure, but what can do optimization without using the *hardcoded* cpu
> > instructions inserted in the architecture ?
> > 
> > BTW when i've some spare time, i'll try compiling an optimized version
> > of some meaningful packages and will post here the results.

> Isn't arguing with Alan Cox about kernel hacking like []

We are not arguing the kernel here, mind. It's the userland which is
built without additional instructions.

Let's see if Angelo comes with actual numbers. Various people did
benchmarks before, and it appears that the speedup is very hard to
discern among the noise. Basically, using different DIMMs gives you
more variation... But I would not be surprised if he finds an application
which does see a benefit.

-- Pete

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