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Re: tuxracer & chromium move to Extras


On Fri, 2004-07-30 at 17:52, Stan Bubrouski wrote:
> Well if its going to be kept around it MUST be maintained.  I mean hell
> it hasn't been updated AT ALL in how long?  I haven't been able to run
> it for more than 2+ years on my machine.  Needless to say whatever the
> problems are they are not fixed.  Frankly I don't know what the problem
> is but on my machine at least I could NEVER get it working with nv
> driver or the binary-only nvidia driver.  The game would always run at
> like 3 frames/2 sec so it was completely unusable or even operatable.  I
> have to kill it to exit it cause the cursor can never reach the damn
> buttons.  I say if it cant even work on common hardware it shouldn't be
> included period.  I'm glad someone started this thread cause its
> unmaintained stuff like this that isnt essential being included that
> really bugs me.

Needless to say that 3D/OpenGL software isn't supported on
non-3D-accelerated drivers (nv) and that nobody in his right mind can
support the binary only nvidia drivers (unless working at nVidia, if you
have problems with their drivers, they might help you). Nevertheless, I
could get all the 3D stuff I happened to throw at my laptop working with

> > And digressing, we have no definition of what stays in Core or Extras.
> > Also, we just lack an Extras (or Alternatives for the matter) currently.
> > So this has to be well defined first, and at some stage, my vote will go
> > to Extras also making CD (or DVD) ISOs, so that if folk wan't complete
> > "Fedora" sets, they might get seven CDs, 4 of which might be Core, and 3
> > of which are Extras/Alternatives
> > 
> My criteria is that if it isn't essential it really doesn't need to be
> in core.

What you describe is what I think of as "Fedora Hardcore" ;-), at least
for my definition of "essential".

> If its non-essential AND unmaintained it should be scrapped or
> put in Extras.

No updates doesn't automatically mean "unmaintained". I've yet to see
that the problems you describe are really in tuxracer and not some
driver issue.

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