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Re: Rawhide upgrades

On Thu, Jun 03, 2004 at 12:30:55PM -1000, Warren Togami wrote:
> Please provide lists of stuff to upgrade THAT YOU HAVE ACTUALLY TESTED.  Please also indicate if
> there will be known API changes in libraries or related changes that would require upgrades or
> rebuilds of other rawhide packages.

dhcp-3.0.1rc13 is a bugfix release over rc12 that is in rawhide now. 
I've been running it in production for 2.5 months now.  My packages
are linked from www.isc.org, and may be useful for incorporating other
ideas into the FC package, such as the OMAPI perl bindings.

                        Changes since 3.0.1rc12

- Fixed a bug in omapi lease lookup function, to form the hardware
  address for the hash lookup correctly, thanks to a patch from
  Richard Hirst.

- Fixed a bug where dhcrelay was sending relayed responses back to the
  broadcast address, but with the source's unicast mac address.  Should
  now conform to rfc2131 section 4.1.

- Cross-compile bug fix; use $(AR) instead of ar.  Thanks to Morten Brorup.

- Fixed a crash bug in dhclient where dhcpd servers that do not provide
  renewal times results in an FPE.  As a side effect, dhclient can now
  properly handle 0xFFFFFFFF (-1) expiry times supplied by servers.  Thanks
  to a patch from Burt Silverman.

- The 'ping timeout' debugs from rc12 were removed to -DDEBUG only,
  and reformatted to correct a compilation error on solaris platforms.

- A patch was applied which fixes a case where leases read from the
  leases database do not properly over-ride previously read leases.

- dhcpctl.3 manpage was tweaked.

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