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Re: Status and outlook of LSB and FHS compliance of Fedora.

Doncho N. Gunchev wrote:

Ah, why nobody reads release notes? They saved me so much time... /If nothing else works, read the manual :)/

What about *SLOW* migration (if it should happen)? FC3 could have /svr
with symlinks to the old /var locations and only some things like /var/www/{icons,error,manual} moved there (if moved at all) plus a release
note about this. The next FC4 could have everything migrated there and
symlinks in the old location and so on and so on... Maybe symlinks are
not the best choice, but many bind mounts (could solve some issues with
backup scripts) could make things a little bit messy?
BTW: what is really supposed to remain in /var - only run, lib, lock,
log and tmp? Only files that the user should not touch and need or?

That was one of the main reasons for not putting now too much into /srv at first. A slow migration will allow things to get sorted out and see if people like the idea in general.

This is not a revolution, it's an evolution where the LSB and the FHS try to put a little more sense and structure into a filesystem hierarchie that has grown over the last 20-30 years and which is bound to have some archaic and arguably wrong places where to put stuff.

And belive me, you don't want to sit in my/our chair if we move httpd from /var/www and it breaks only for 1% of our customers. :-)

Read ya, Phil

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