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Re: Rawhide upgrades

Peter Robinson wrote:

openh323 and pwlib have newer versions but are due to have a new release around mid July. I have played with the newer releases a bit from CVS but only when I've had time.

Along the same lines the new gnomemeeting 1.2 but I'm not sure of the dev
timeframe for that. Also needs e-d-s I think for address book integration.

These are very complicated. We are likely to include the pre-release of these in rawhide if you manage to convince upstream developers to become directly involved in the Fedora packaging and dealing with bug reports. Without upstream involvement, or dedicated community volunteers, RH engineers probably do not have time to deal with pre-releases of most software.

What we really need for many FC and FE packages is the deal that I asked for in this post. This kind of simple partnership with upstream has been beneficial for several FC packages, like spamassassin, gaim, and dovecot. Bugs get killed FAST, and the package becomes polished much more quickly, and versions upgraded quickly. This is very beneficial for us to do NOW in rawhide.

Evolution 2 (but I'm sure this is already on the list).

Project Utopia, but I know redhat guys are working on this anyway


Firefox and thunderbird packages are ready, but they are unlikely to go into Core unless they improve enough to be able to replace mozilla. The main blocker for this is automatic importing of mozilla settings & mail, but there are other issues, and also strategic decisions that would need to be made to move in this direction. In the mean time, Extras contains firefox & thunderbird that integrate very nicely into FC2.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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