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Re: Kernel Stack Sizes

On Thu, 2004-06-17 at 01:03, Steve Brenneis wrote:
> I searched the archives of the list for discussion on this topic and
> couldn't find anything. Can anyone tell me why the Fedora 2.6 kernels
> are configured for 4K stacks? This breaks a wide variety of device
> drivers including the bundled firewire driver, linuxant Broadcom driver
> loader, and the nVidia graphics driver.

It does NOT break the firewire driver, I have no idea how you come to
that conclusion.

4Kb stacks have a lot of advantages. The most important one being that
8Kb stacks lead to quite a bit of latency for desktop use, and also
cause a lot of VM mess (which also leads to desktop latency because far
more cache than needed gets evicted by the VM for 8Kb requests,
resulting in that cache having to be read back and thus latency for
It also uses less memory and allows for more threads to be used,
something which java and appserver people seem to appreciate.

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