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Self-Introduction: Daniel McNamara

As per the requirements:

1. Daniel McNamara
2. Australia, Canberra
3. Sys Admin/Teacher
4. Code Fish / Canberra Institute of TAFE

5. Your goals in the Fedora Project

My mainstream job involves using RHEL and as such I'd like to see
additions made into Fedora that would flow on nicely onto this. I also use
Fedora as my base for my servers for other projects I run and with my role
as a part time teacher in Linux Sys Administration I'd like to make sure
my students have an excellent system to work with.

* Which packages do you want to see published?

Quite a few but at this point I'll be submitting mod_security

* Do you want to do QA?

Would like to but depends if I have the time.

6. Historical qualifications

I'm not a programmer. I have limited skills in working with compiling
programs and so forth but I do have experience in what systems need, what
good default settings are and how good packaging can make a sys admins
task a lot nicer.

* What other projects have you worked on in the past?

None. This my first foray into the development world. I have worked as a
sys admin for several years in an ISP and personal environment.

* What computer languages and other skills do you know?

Worked with PHP, python, perl and shell scripting. Worked with PHP+MySQL
apps and maintain a number of systems with custom scripts for clients. As
mentioned I am not a programmer. My area of work is building and
maintaining multiple servers for many purposes (mail/web/auth for my ISP
work, same for my personal work and training systems for my teaching

* Why should we trust you? <--- too blunt?

Well being Australian I'm obviously descended from convicts right :)

However my work in the anti-phishing field (see http://www.codephish.info)
should show that I don't believe in stuffing people around.

pub  1024D/BBFC3CFC 2004-06-19 Daniel McNamara (Dawnstar - Code Fish)
<daniel codefish net au>
     Key fingerprint = 278E 74B1 3ED3 7AE8 81C4  E0DD C712 7F86 BBFC 3CFC
sub  2048g/AB10F866 2004-06-19

(Note - I'm new to the whole GPG thing so theres a good chance I've
stuffed something. I also created some keys a while back but never used
them and lost them. As such there may be some dodgy keys around for my
email address. Apologies for that)

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