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Fixing a PDF/Font Issue

First off I must admit that I need to install FC2 final before I do any
further investigation - but I can't do that, an app I need does build in
FC2T2 (and works in updated T3) does not build in FC2 final, so I can't
update until the developer releases an official fix (coming soon).

Here's the issue.
Out of several commercial ttf fonts that I have purchased, one does not
*fully* work in FC2T3

It behaves exactly as expected in AbiWord both on screen printing to my
LaserJet 4 (using CUPS)

The problem is that when I print to PDF file using the "create PDF"
function of the AbiWord print menu, this particular font gets screwed up
royally. Other fonts I have purchased work just fine.

I would like to know how I can determine if it is a font problem or an
application problem (I am for now assuming it is a gnome-print problem)
- and once that is determined, how to get it fixed.

If it is a font problem then clearly it needs to be reported as a bug to
the font foundry. If it is a gnome-print problem, then it needs to be
fixed in the OSS world.

Unfortunately it is a commercial font - but it is not an expensive one,
and I would be willing to purchase license for a QUALIFIED fedora
developer to fix the issue, assuming it is a Fedora bug and not a font
bug. I can not pay the salary of the developer, just the font license to
verify the bug.

Assuming it isn't magically fixed by installing FC2 and running yum
update, how do I go about getting it fixed?

The font is Schreibmaschine

Here is what it looks like in AbiWord:


Here is what it looks like when printed to PDF:


Here is the pdf file that produced pdf image:


All my myfonts.com fonts are installed in /usr/share/fonts/purchased and
a proper fonts.dir and fonts.scale is in that directory - all of them
work in AbiWord and other apps that use ttf fonts - all EXCEPT the
Schreibmaschine font work fine when printed to pdf.

The font is from http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/ef/schreibmaschine/

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