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Re: eggcups has quit unexpectedly

> On Mon, 2004-06-21 at 22:41, Brian Millett wrote:
>> Looks like the desktop-printer package needs to be updated.  Printing
>> causes a popup dialogue stating that application /usr/sbin/eggcups has
>> quit.
>> Trying to rebuild the desktop srpm does not work.
>> rpmbuild --rebuild /opt/src/SRPMS/desktop-printing-0.9-1.src.rpm
>> Installing /opt/src/SRPMS/desktop-printing-0.9-1.src.rpm
>> error: Failed build dependencies:
>>         dbus-devel = 0.20 is needed by desktop-printing-0.9-1
>> but the latest is dbus-devel 0.21-6.
>> Trying to recompile the desktop-printing srpm after setting the
>> dependency to be
>> BuildRequires: libgnomeui-devel, dbus-devel => 0.20
>> fails with
>> eggcups-ec-job-model.o(.text+0x63f): In function `job_changed_cb': :
>> undefined reference to `gnome_cups_job_clone'
>> eggcups-ec-job-model.o(.text+0x684): In function `job_changed_cb': :
>> undefined reference to `gnome_cups_job_clone'
>> eggcups-ec-job-model.o(.text+0x85f): In function `job_done_cb':
>> : undefined reference to `gnome_cups_job_clone'
>> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
>> make[2]: *** [eggcups] Error 1
>> So the API has changed, so I guess I'll wait for the update.
> Actually the latest released dbus should be 0.20.  0.21 is in rawhide as
> well as the printing packages that build with the new 0.21 release.  You
> could have also gotten dbus-0.21 from my repositories if you are
> tracking my utopia builds in which case if you want a working system I
> suggest you don't ;-)  Most of my packages should be landing in rawhide
> relatively soon anyway and be much more useful at that point for those
> who want to be cutting edge.

John, thanks for the reply.  I am talking about rawhide.  I did not know
about your utopia builds.  In rawhide, the desktop-printer package is not
able to build with the printing packages that are in rawhide.

desktop-printing-0.9-1.i386.rpm  02-Jun-2004 15:19    41k

the other rpm packages are dated, for example:
cups-1.1.21-1.i386.rpm           15-Jun-2004 19:13   2.5M
cups-devel-1.1.21-1.i386.rpm     15-Jun-2004 19:13   138k
cups-libs-1.1.21-1.i386.rpm      15-Jun-2004 19:13   103k

What am I missing?  I am looking forward to your packages to hit rawhide. 
I was just informining the informed what they already new I guess.

Brian Millett
Enterprise Consulting Group  "Shifts in paradigms
(314) 205-9030           often cause nose bleeds."
bpmATec-groupDOTcom                     Greg Glenn

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