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Re: Split off kernel-header/devel package (was: No more kernel-source(code) ???)

On Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 10:42:53AM -0700, Per Bjornsson wrote:
> Now, I could agree that given a kernel-devel package it would be
> possible to build any correctly written module without including the
> files again in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build, but that is the
> officially documented way of doing it and it would be a shame to
> break the official convention. The alternative would be a symlink of
> course, but then you're forcing everyone who wants to do a quick
> module build to include the stuff needed for all architectures
> (since that's what's in the hypothetical kernel-devel package).

But that is exactly the point of discussion. A kernel-devel package
should be per kernel version, arch and flavour, not a
conglomerate. That way you both have less bloat and it is universal to
be extended to arbitrary kernel, e.g. ones in future errata, custom
kernels and so on.

The all-errata-in-one package would need extra maintainance from a
central place, and would only allow building for the given set of

So with kernel-2.6.8-9.8.7.i686.rpm you get a symlink

/lib/modules/2.6.8-9.8.7/build -> /usr/src/kernel-headers/2.6.8-9.8.7.i686

And kernel-devel-2.6.8-9.8.7.i686.rpm contains the headers in

A kernel module src.rpm BuildRequires kernel-devel >= 2.6.0, you drop
one (or more) of the various kernel-devel packages and point the
rpmbuild to it like

rpmbuild --rebuild --define 'kernel 2.6.8-9.8.7' --target i686 foo-kmdl-1.2.3-4.5.6.src.rpm
(perhaps the target option could even be skipped)

and this builds


That's all, folks!
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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