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Re: A quick question...

I can't get it to work properly on my system...
I'm running core 2 test1, the properties pane never shows anything... probably just me being stupid though. Anyway, I think I will continue to hack away for a week or so (we started off very similarly with the tree on the left like that and a properties pane) I'm taking a slightly more involved approach though, attempting to add support for classes, pools, multiple subnets on one interface, and shared networks right out of the gate... (I need all of those things on my network). I just started today on it, so I have a basic GUI, and I've been working on the backend quite a bit, we'll see I guess (btw I'm now subscribed to config as well, sorry I didn't see that list for whatever reason...)

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Yes you are duplicating work, that's a question for fedora-config-list
http://config-dhcpd.sourceforge.net/ it not exactly complete, but what is done
works and works pretty much properly.
that said, duplicating work isn't always a bad thing.
On Monday 01 March 2004 05:08, Christensen Tom wrote:
> I am using pygtk and the rhpl stuff I have read through the devel
> guidelines on fedora.redhat.com
> I will talk to the K12LTSP community as well, thanks for the contact info
> :) Tom
> >Christensen Tom wrote:
> >>I started devel work on a DHCP configuration tool (as the configuration
> >>site at fedora said there isn't one) I was wondering if I'm duplicating
> >>work? Is another tool in the pipe somewhere? Should I jump on with those
> >>people? I have quite a bit of DHCP experience and coding experience, I
> >>manage a large enterprise network using DHCP, and some pretty advanced
> >>stuff like Option 82, and I've written alot of scripts to auto config my
> >>system for me, if no one else is working on this, I should have a very
> >>alpha configurator by the end of this week if anyone else is interested.
> >>Thanks,
> >>Tom
> >
> >You mean dhcpd server right? As long as you are working on this, please
> >consider the following:
> >
> >* Perhaps use the "rhpl" and pygtk stuff shared among the redhat-config-*
> >and system-config-* tools. I have not personally looked at it yet, but
> >they seem to share that package for common functions (?)
> >* Common RH/Fedora configuration options like used for tftp/PXE boot
> >(installer) and tftp/PXE/etherboot (K12LTSP). I would encourage you to
> >talk to Eric Harrison and the K12LTSP community on the K12OSN list.
> >
> >http://redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/k12osn
> >K12OSN list (Fedora for Educators and K12LTSP)
> >
> >That's all I can think from the top of my head for now.
> >
> >Warren
> >
> >
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