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Re: Java in Fedora

Carwyn Edwards writes:

Is there any cooperation or plan in relation to this? As and end user it's imperative for me that I should at least be able to plug in either of the Sun/Blackdown/IBM sdks and get a full SDK runtime/toolset.

Sun's SDK works reasonably well on Fedora i386.

Sun's SDK oopses Fedora's x86_64 kernel.

I don't remember the exact reason, but I could not get Blackdown's x86_64 SDK to install. I think there were some library dependency issues with Fedora.

When I get some spare cycles I'll try to backport a more recent arch/x86_64 tree to Fedora's kernel, in a vain hope to fix the bleeping kernel crash. I'm not that eager to play with it, since every time the kernel oopses I have to wait four hours to rebuild the bleeping RAID volumes.

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