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Re: Fedora Tracker: Part Deux

Brad Smith wrote:
A new and (hopefully) improved version of Fedora Tracker is now up at:


New features of interest:

* Search results are sorted by repository type (core, extras, tp, etc)
* Package search defaults to simplified interface
* Source packages are filtered out by default to cut down on search

I'll also add a "news" page or something so as to stop bugging you folks
with updates =:). Since these most recent changes are the result of
feedback from this list, though, I thought it appropriate to post about

I do feel it is appropriate to discuss here, as developer input will continue to help improve this interface that will help the entire project in "finding stuff". I like the new improvements, and I can suggest one one addition for now. When multiple versions of the same package are returned within a category, it should sort so that the "newest" package is displayed first.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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