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Re: gnupg newpg gpgme gpgme03 cryptplug isuses

Once upon a time Sunday 02 May 2004 12:53 pm, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Dennis Gilmore (dennis ausil us) said:

> For a third-party package we don't ship? It's probably not going to
> happen at this point. Note that, for example, mutt with gnupg will
> work pretty much the same as it normally does in core - it doesn't
> require libgcrypt.
> libgcrypt was updated for a package we do ship (cryptsetup for dm-crypt).
> Bill

well fedora.us has quite a few packages that do require it  ie  gpgme gpgme03 
cryptplug.   mutt needs gpgme03  kmail uses cryptplug which needs gpgme03 so 
you are breaking packages in fedora.us and saying too bad  not good,  
consideration has to be taken  to packages in extras  and it seems  its not.   
so it leaves us to upping gnupg  to a version that is considered alpha to 
support the extras tree or does that not come into consideration?

So far the fedora project  seems to be  Red Hat doing what it wants  with 
slightly more input from others but no real effort to open the project up.  
for a while now ive been starting to get a bad taste in my mouth about the 
whole thing  and more and more it seems to be justified. 


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