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Re: gnupg newpg gpgme gpgme03 cryptplug isuses

Dennis Gilmore (dennis ausil us) said: 
> > > kmail uses cryptplug which needs gpgme03 so
> > > you are breaking packages in fedora.us and saying too bad  not good
> >
> > gpgme03 actually builds without newpg just fine, and therefore
> > doesn't depend on libgcrypt. I assume you've built it that way
> > explicitly for S/MIME?.
> yes  both gpgme and gpgme03 are built with s/MIME support in fedora.us 

So, the package that comes down to breaking is newpg, correct?

libgcrypt actually will get upgraded again, to 1.2.0. It's the Right
Thing To Do, as it's the first official stable release that they've
done; even the previous 1.1.12 (or whatever) series wasn't deemed
as such by then. So it's really the version we should be shipping, and
we do have an app that uses it.

In the short term, yes, we should probably have a libgcrypt1 package
in extras. In the long term, core should move to gnupg-2.0, and some
of this will go away. (In fact, just the fact that there's gpgme03
and gpgme package shows problems... everything should really be using
one interface.)


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