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Re: fedora core 3 goals.

dragoran escreveu:

seth vidal schrieb:

I was wondering what the distribution, community and infrastructure
goals are for fedora core 3.
Will CVS be opened up?
Will extras be named extras?
Will selinux be on the hit-list again?
Will the webpage be more interesting/dynamic?
What's the timeline look like?
Will there be any time dedicated to just infrastructure/community
development and a general hold is put on the distro devel?
Any plans for build system work to come back to the fore?

Maybe right after the release of fc2 would be a good time for a 'state
of the fedora' message from the project leader?
Maybe sooner?


I have read that selinux will be in RHEL4 so it will be also in fc3

Before enabling SELINUX, it is mandatory:

a) To widespread usefull user documentation, so people concerned with other subjects (like multimedia, etc) don't get stuck with permissions and related subjects. The first issue of SELINUX in FC2 was quite a mess, since users not familiar to security just got problems even to login...

b) Standard policies must allow common users at least to login for the first time without having to understand how selinux works.

Best regards,


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