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Problems with Core 2 test 3 install

Just installed Fedora Core 2 test 3 and have had a couple of issues, some I was able to resolve others not. The hardware used to test is a Dell Lattitude c840 laptop:

Intel P4 2.0ghz
32MB Nvidia Geforce 4 video
3com 10/100 NIC & built-in Wireless 802.11b Minicard
1600x1200 resolution screen

Here are the immediate problems and what fixed some of them:

  1. X11 did not configure properly and only gave me a choice of
     800x600 and 640x480. Opon examination of the config file I foumd
     the settings to be correct for everything but the resolution and
     the vert and horiz rates were commentout in the monitor section.
     Adding the additional resolutions and uncommenting the rates
     enables X11 to function properly again.
  2. When booting I am always to kicked into the detail mode by the
     IA32 microcode update. Unresolved.
  3. PCMCIA does not detect my sockets or cards, thus no wireless.

All the above work perfectly in Core 1 but not in 2. Any help on resolving my PCMCIA problem would be great. Great job by the way , it looks to be really coming around for Core 2.

Robert Trembath
VP - Business & Technical Development

IT4Texas, LLC.
Houston, TX, USA
e| robert it4texas com
p| 832.722.7142

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