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Re: fedora core 3 goals.

Here's my take on the situation. Please note that I'm not a decision maker of any sort with Fedora and that nothing I say should be taken as official...

seth vidal wrote:

I was wondering what the distribution, community and infrastructure
goals are for fedora core 3.

Will CVS be opened up?

We want to open up CVS as soon as possible. Turns out that setting up a build system for FC that is open to outside contributors is non-trivial. For example, we need a system for preventing security-embargoed patches from appearing in the public tree until the embargo is lifted.

Anyway, Gafton, who is a hard-core 3l33t hax0r d00d, has been working hard on this problem with others.

Will selinux be on the hit-list again?

I believe whether or not SELinux will be enabled by default is a decision we will not be making until we have a better sense of its stability in FC3. (So if you want it on, madly test FC2 with SELinux! :-).

Will there be any time dedicated to just infrastructure/community
development and a general hold is put on the distro devel?

We have a dedicated team in place, but their first priority (I believe) is the opening up of CVS.

Maybe right after the release of fc2 would be a good time for a 'state
of the fedora' message from the project leader?
Maybe sooner?



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