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Re: fedora core 3 goals.

> Except that suggestions were given, ideas were presented and 
> we'veheard NOTHING from either gafton or hogan since the WorldWide meeting. 

Cristian is en route (now or very soon) to co-lo to build the needed
systems for CVS.

The feedback I took to the meeting was all known issues, and the net
result was an explanation of the hold-ups:

-hw and bandwidth became a moving target due to co-lo and related
migrations to and from RH offices
-the build system is full of NDA stuff, embargoed security errata, etc.
and is not easily replicated or easily open to outside use

And discussion of some options:

-we could go ahead right now, with select contributors and not be able
to scale much further, or fix all the problems at once
-we discussed ways to encourage more RH interaction on public lists
(signal to noise ratio high at times)
-we need to deal with NDA and embargoed issues
-we will be posting what we feel are the features and goals of FC3 and
inviting feedback (this week)
-we should be talking about external leadership 

As mentioned, FC2 release is a good time to resolve this.


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